Blank Canvas Theatre

thanks the following for supporting our 2017 Season:



Jenni Armstrong, Curt Arnold, Roy and Eunice Berko, Deborah Bialer, Jane and Paul Bidell, Bryan Bird, Keith Bowes, John Busser, Cleveland Stage Alliance, BJ Colangelo, Christin Cook, Kathryn Craig and Stephen Zabor, Theresa Dean, Sharron DeCosta, Edward Dragony, Barb Dragony, Eric Fancher, Dominic Fedele, Jane and Kevin Frick, Mary Gagen, David Hager, Kathryn Harlow, Linda Hefner and Marcus Bales, Thomas Hoadley, Dave Hopkins, Stephanie Hrbek, Brian Kastner, Robert Keefe, Robert Kenderes, Joe Kenderes, Lysa Kenney, Cat Kenney, Assadulla Khaishgi, Alexis Kim, Arthur Korkosz, Todd Kovach, Jonathan Kronenberger, Linda Mandryk, Lisa and Mike Manos, Canton G. Martin, Jade McGee, Avril McNally, Kate Michalski, Patrick Miller, Bill Modic, Julie Myers, Fae and Aaron Patterson, Kevin Peacock, Kim Perdue, Robert Pierce, Amber Revelt, John Reynolds, Rebecca Riffle, John Rochford, Dennis Runkle, Marla Rzeszotarski, Keli Schimelpfenig, Neda Spears, Roger Standbridge, Ellen Strand, Theatre Alliance Of Beck Center, Carol Thompson, Margaret Weitzel, Rachel Woods, Bradley Wyner, Nan Zieleniec and Michael Kirsch. 

Friends Of Blank Canvas Theatre ($1-$99) 

Roy and Eunice Berko

Bonnie Kane Barenholtz

Robin J. Blumenthal

Elizabeth Conway

Skip and Roseanne Corris

David Hansen

Mike Hoffman

Denise Knecht

Richard and Demra Lucas

Marcia Mandell

Colleen McCaughey

Julie and Kevin Myers

Rebecca and Patrick Polito

Rita Warner

Patrick Whelan

Stephen Woosley


Members Of The Cast ($100-$249)

Kat and Keith Bowes

Shirley and Terry Corn

Jane and Kevin Frick

Emily Kless

Art and Heidi Korkosz

Jacqi Loewy

Mitch Manthey

Roger and Donna S. Mittler

Robert Norton

Lenore Pershing and Jim Streff

Elizabeth and Bryan Persing

Daniel Polk

Tiffany Sandels

Sickening Pictures: BJ Colangelo and Zach Shildwachter*

Laura and Darrell Starnik

Tim Tavcar

Anne McEvoy

Ronald Rydarowicz


Patrons ($250-$499) 

Pamela and Bob Noll

Barbara and Bill Sanderson

Connie and Frank Serenda

Frederick Slezak  


Donors ($500-$999) 

Jane and Paul Bidell

Collaborators ($1000- $4,999)

Stuart Hoffman

Producers ($5000- $9,999)

Dan Bush and The 78th Street Studios


Investors ($10,000 and up)


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