Blank Canvas Theatre

thanks the following for supporting our 2018 Season:


Sound Board Sponors

Bonnie and Manny Barenholtz, Jane and Paul Bidell, Jean Brennan, Robin and Zachary Davis, Lisa Evans, Todd Higgins, Kennon Keckler,  Assadulla Khaishgi,  Jonathan Kronenberger, Cynthia and Mark Martinez , Ronald Rydarowicz, Barbara and Bill Sanderson, Kathleen Schneller,  Frederick Slezak, Sarah and Tom West

Friends Of Blank Canvas Theatre ($1-$99) 

Pamela Basich

Eunice and Roy Berko

Tonya Broach

Patrick Clement

Tim Collingwood

Sharron DeCosta

Keith Geary

Michael Hoffman

Holly Masterson

Janice Mastin-Kamps

Avril McInally

Shuray Merriweather

Allison Naso

Stephen Woosley 


Members Of The Cast ($100-$249)

Ed Dragony

Jane and Kevin Frick

Linda Hefner and Marcus Bales

Mindy Herman

Amy Johnson

Diana and Dan Medalie

Roger and Donna Mittler

Marianne Mitri

Robert Norton

Debbie and Dan Polk 

Becki and Mike Ramsay

Jeanette Riffle



Patrons ($250-$499) 

Diane Kolosionek

Molly Claassen

Heidi and Arthur Korkosz

Whitney Miller

Elizabeth and Timothy O'Donnell

Elizabeth and Bryan Persing

Fred Slezak

Sally Spitz and Ken Vinikoff

Greg Violand and Navital, Inc


Donors ($500-$999) 

Jane and Paul Bidell

Collaborators ($1000- $4,999)


Producers ($5000- $9,999)

Dan Bush and The 78th Street Studios


Investors ($10,000 and up)


If you would like to become a supporter and help make our seventh season a success, click here.