Tasha Brandt is excited to appear on the Blank Canvas Stage for a forth time! She has been seen in Blank Canvas' production of Night of the Living Dead, Working: The Musical and Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical. Blank Canvas is an incredible space to dive deep into the arts and explore what it means to be an artist. Not only has Patrick created a unique and courageous theatre, he has opened the community up to exploring ideas and characters in different ways. I absolutely LOVE working in this theatre and with Patrick. So many Passionate people performing for the love of the craft. It's beautiful and I hope it touches your heart just as it has touched mine.



Ashley Conlon is elated to return to the Blank Canvas stage! Her previous works at BCT include Tammy in Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical, Laura in Bathroom Humor, as well as participating in the 2013 benefit concert of Merrily We Roll Along. Blank Canvas has brought together so much of the local talent that Cleveland has to offer. Combine that with Artistic Director, Patrick Ciamacco's passion and vision, and you have a truly inspiring force in the community. Here's to pushing boundaries, creativity, and many more years for Blank Canvas Theatre!!



Will Crosby (Stage Manager) Will is excited to be stage managing his first show at Blank Canvas Theater after being seen in Night of the Living Dead as Zombie/Posse Member. Will thinks Blank Canvas is a great canvas for actors from all backgrounds to come together to make beautiful theater on stage. Many thanks to Patrick! TPOG!



Scott Esposito has worked at Blank Canvas Theatre under its fearless leader Patrick Ciamacco’s direction as Juror #8 in last season’s Twelve Angry Men and most recently as Claude in Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. 






Eric Fancher is more than excited to be a part of this year's benefit.  He was a part of the inaugural production of The Texas Chainsaw Musical! (Steven), as well as the revival last year, and has also been seen onstage in Godspell. He participated in last year's benefit, Merrily We Roll Along: In Concert (Frank), and sang at pARTy in Gordon Square as part of the BCT company.  He has seen all but one show produced here, including comedy shows, and loves to support Patrick in every way he can, including helping paint the walls, building the risers, bar and booth, donating tools and time.  He thanks Patrick for the opportunity.  TPOG



Becca Frick has been seen here at BCT in Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical (Roberta), Merrily We Roll Along 2013 Benefit (Gussie), and HAIR (Jeanie). She is also always around working box office, bar, building and painting sets and helping in any way she can around the theater. "I am so blessed to get to be a part of Patrick's passionate vision for BCT and his life. Love and support to him always."



Neely Gevaart is so happy to be at her favorite theater in Cleveland! She was in Hair (Crissy), The Texas Chainsaw Musical! (Kristy), and the first Blank Canvas Benefit concert of Merrily We Roll Along (Beth). She also painted some of the walls black! She would like to thank Patrick for his vision and you for supporting this amazing theater!!





Kirk Lydell is excited to get to return to the Blank Canvas stage for these two nights! He was last seen in Godspell, last December, and can't believe how time flies! He wants to thank all involved! Enjoy the show!





Kate Leigh Michalski is absolutely honored to be a part of this benefit! She has been a part of several productions here at Blank Canvas Theatre: both runs of The Texas Chainsaw Musical!  (Lucretia), Godspell as a flute playing rag doll, and Hair (tribe member #6/loud hippie stage right). She has also helped build the very platforms you sit upon and did some amazing work on the black walls over by the air conditioners and the fuse box. Her right elbow contains two intersecting scars, from separate rehearsal periods, as a permanent reminder of her time spent in this wonderful room and her inability to properly walk through it.



Hayden Neidhardt is overjoyed to be sharing the stage with these talentedpeople. Her most recent debut at Blank Canvas was Godspell. After that amazing experience Hayden knew she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.  If this isn’t your first time to Blank Canvas, Hayden might have handed you your program. She has volunteered doing box office. Hayden has known Patrick since she was 9 and really looks up to him. She gets a smile on her face every time she walks in the door and is happy to be a part of the BCT Gang. Hayden would like to thank everyone for letting her hang with the big kids.


Shane Patrick O'Neill is a Cleveland based actor and teacher whose one and only Blank Canvas Theatre appearance thus far marked his return to the Cleveland stage after four years away in New York City - and what an awesome group of people it was to come home to. Shane appeared in Godspell last December as the "We Beseech Thee" soloist, and looks forward to many more opportunities to work with Patrick and this wonderful group of people at Blank Canvas Theatre. Shane would like to encourage everyone to support live theatre at Blank Canvas and throughout Northeast Ohio. www.shanepatrickoneill.com


Luke Scattergood has been involved with BCT since the very beginning. He was actually there the first time Artistic Director Patrick Ciamacco laid eyes on the space back in 2011. Since then, building risers, painting, stage managing, costuming, acting, running sound, bartending and running box office, Luke has done a little bit of everything here at Blank Canvas. He has been involved in 11 shows here, both on and off stage, as well as performing as part of BCT's resident sketch comedy group, The Laughter League. Blank Canvas is a place of integrity and incredible artistic achievement and he is proud to call it his theatre home!


Derrick Winger made his Blank Canvas Theatre debut with Working:The Musical last season, as well as performing in the 2013 Benefit Concert of Merrily We Roll Along.  When Patrick asked if he wanted to be a part of this benefit he jumped at the chance to help out.  When you see a performance here you know that everyone you're watching on stage is putting their heart and soul into a quality show.  What's more, the theatre's dedication to affordable prices makes it possible for audiences from all walks of life to enjoy some top-notch performances.  He would like to thank you for coming out tonight and supporting that vision - we wouldn't be here without you.