Directed by Patrick Ciamacco & Jonathan Kronenberger

Music Direction by Matt Dolan

Stage Managed by Whitney Miller

Costume Concept by Jenniver Sparano & Luke Scattergood

Lighting Design by Jeff Lockshine

Sound Operation by Anthony Newman






Brian Altman (Gabriel John Uttersonis thrilled to be part of another Blank Canvas Theatre benefit!  He made his BCT debut in Bat Boy: the Musical (Dr. Parker) and has been back for a handful of shows and benefits.  Silence! The Musical (Dr. Hannibal Lecter) is one of his favorites!  He loves the intimacy of BCT, the enthusiasm of the audiences, and the smell of the popcorn.  In addition to singing and acting, Brian has lent his painting talents to a few set pieces and scenery over the years.  He encourages all of YOU to share your talents and get involved at Blank Canvas Theatre!  Enjoy the show!


Dayshawnda Ash (Ensemble) was given her first opportunity to perform in community theatre nine years ago by Mr. Patrick Ciamacco.  Since then, she’s been in three more productions that involve his guidance as well as his expertise:  Side Show, Urinetown: The Musical, and now Jekyll & Hyde. When she’s not on stage with amazingly talented human beings, she volunteers behind BTC's beloved bar.   Blank Canvas Theatre exudes unity, family, and not just theatre, but true performance art.  It is only right that Blank Canvas Theatre live in an art warehouse, because every being who enters pierces its thread and is woven into the ingenuity that is Blank Canvas Theatre!

Angie Bendahan (Ensemble) is honored to be a part of this very special event at Blank Canvas Theatre! Angie, a Cleveland native, became involved with BCT last year, appearing in both Chess, last year’s benefit show, and The Rocky Horror Show.  Angie has had the privilege of working with some incredible artists here at BCT, and she has thoroughly enjoyed working with Patrick and the rest of the dedicated production staff.  Angie looks forward to supporting future productions, both onstage and offstage, and she wants to thank you for doing the same.  Your support will help to ensure many more seasons of daring, original, top-notch theater.  Thank you for being here, thank you for your support, and enjoy the show!


Tasha Brandt (Nellie/Ensemble) has been seen on the Blank Canvas Theatre stage most recently as Columbia in The Rocky Horror Show.  Before that, she was on the BCT stage for benefit concerts, Cabaret, Night of the Living Dead, Working, and Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical.  BCT is her favorite theatre in Cleveland because of the authentic experience that Patrick creates within and surrounding each show.   She truly enjoys learning from Patrick’s skills on stage and off, whether it’s building sets, painting or volunteering.  BCT is a safe haven of expression to so many, including Tasha. This theater holds a dear place in her heart. Please consider donating.  Thank you for your support!


Tonya Broach (Ensemble) was introduced to Blank Canvas Theatre in 2014 when she was cast in a production of Hair (Dionne).  She had such a groovy time, she returned back to perform in several more productions, the most recent being We Will Rock You (Ensemble).  She also designs and makes jewelry and has donated some of her hand-made pieces to BCT for previous fundraisers.  Tonya is looking forward to having lots of fun with the cast of Jekyll and Hyde and its talented staff.  Thank you all for supporting Blank Canvas Theatre!  Enjoy!


Patrick Ciamacco (Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde)  is thrilled to share the stage with so many talented and amazing people!  Without them --  and YOU -- this place would not exist.  Patrick is the Artistic Director and founder of Blank Canvas Theatre.   Every day when he walks into this place, he feels like the luckiest man alive!




Kenzie Critzer (Ensemble) has been seen at Blank Canvas Theatre in Cabaret, Fissures of Men, and the BCT benefit show last year, Chess.  BCT is one of her favorite places to work because of the unique opportunities to create and explore onstage.  This theatre is home to some of the most supportive people she knows and has given her a home in which to grow artistically.  Thank you for supporting Blank Canvas tonight by seeing the show, I hope you enjoy it! 




Joel Fenstermaker (Bishop of Basingstoke/Priest) is such a fan of Patrick and Blank Canvas Theatre that he keeps coming back for more!  He was most recently seen on this stage as Terry (Side Show) but was also part of the ensemble in The Wild Party) and has seen a great deal of both the box office and bar as a volunteer.  He loves this theatre and this show and hopes you feel the same. 



Joe Gibson (Poole/Ensemble) is excited to return to Blank Canvas Theatre for its benefit show.  Previous credits at the theatre include Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Ensemble) and the Lizard Man/Ray  in Side Show.   BCT is professional, personal, and fun, which is why Joe will always be happy to come back for more.




Stephanie Harden (Lady Beaconsfield/Ensemble)  is excited to be a part of the Blank Canvas Theatre benefit, having appeared in Side Show (Violet), Urinetown: The Musical (Hope Cladwell), and Bat Boy: The Musical (Shelley Parker). Stephanie loves BCT because the productions take risks and are fearless.  Shows at BCT are always of a high quality with fun and talented people involved at every turn: onstage, offstage, and in the pit. Thanks for supporting BCT!



David Lenahan (Newsboy/Ensemble) is excited to back and performing at Blank Canvas Theatre! He was seen onstage this past spring in BCT’s production of Side Show (Dog Boy/Houdini/Ensemble). Many thanks to Pat and the rest of the company!




Kate Leigh Michalski (Lucy Harris) is thrilled to be a part of this production! Blank Canvas Theatre is another home for her, and it's always special to be here. She's been seen here in The Texas Chainsaw Musical! (Lucretia), Godspell (Disciple), Hair (Tribe), High Fidelity (Liz), Triassic Parq: The Musical (T-Rex 1), Reefer Madness(Mae), and We Will Rock You (Oz).  She's also helped with box office and struggled desperately to open wine bottles at the bar from time to time.  She painted a good amount of the wall house left, and helped long ago build some of the audience platforming. 



Pat Miller (Lord Savage/Spider) is an original cast member of The Texas Chainsaw Musical! (Groovy Teen), the very first production at Blank Canvas Theatre.  He appeared in Bat Boy: The Musical (Bat Boy) for which he was awarded “Best Actor in a Musical” from the Cleveland Critics Circle and SCENE Magazine.  His other BCT credits include Floyd Collins (Skeets Miller), High Fidelity (Dick), Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical  (Mr. Hardwick), and designing the season logos since 2015. “Unending thanks to Patrick Ciamacco!”


Allison Naso (Ensemble) is thrilled to lend her voice to this benefit show for Blank Canvas Theatre!  Allison first appeared on stage at Blank Canvas in this season's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Since then, Allison has lent her hand tending bar for BCT, and she has been a dedicated audience member (fan girl!) for countless BCT productions.



Aaron Patterson (Ensemble) has been seen in many Blank Canvas Theatre productions including One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Chief Bromden), High Fidelity (Ian/Neil Young), Triassic Parq: The Musical (Velociraptor of Faith), Reefer Madness (Jesus), and most recently, We Will Rock You (Buddy).  He has also been lucky enough to perform with The Laughter League sketch comedy group.  BCT is his favorite place to perform and see magnificent works of theatrical art.



Julie Penzvalto (Emma Carew) is very excited to be back on the Blank Canvas Theatre stage for this production of Jekyll & Hyde! Julie’s last BCT performance was in the ensemble of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Enjoy the show!!!




John J. Polk (Sir Danvers Carew) is a Blank Canvas Theatre Hardy Perennial, having appeared in nearly a dozen roles since Of Mice and Men (The Boss) in 2012.  BCT audiences have seen him is such productions as Side Show (Sir), Urinetown: The Musical (Caldwell B. Cladwell), Cabaret (Herr Schultz), Our Town (Doc Gibbs), and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Dale Harding).  Because of the audacity of BCT’ programming, often highlighting rarely-performed works, he’s had chances as an actor to take big risks which would not be allowed in many places.  And the people…are all the best. He is proud to be a part of Patrick’s Merry Band Of Pirates.


Luke Scattergood (General Lord Glossop/Ensemble/Costumes) is excited to be a part of the benefit again this year.  He has appeared onstage in Of Mice and Men, Bathroom Humor, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, as well as in numerous benefits, including Chess last year. His costume designs have been seen in 25 productions here at BCT including Hair, Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical, Sweeney Todd, We Will Rock You, and many others.  He has also served as a Stage Manage, Assistant Director, Assistant Technical Director, Scenic Painter, and a one-night-only gig as Sound Operator.  He would like to thank Patrick for his continued support and the wonderful and collaborative environment he provides.  Enjoy the show!!


Danny Simpson (Simon Stride) Blank Canvas Theatre has become one of Danny’s favorite places on the planet in the short year and a half he has been involved here.  Starting with the factory series show Fissures of Men (Paul), and continuing with The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Riff Raff) and We Will Rock You (Galileo), Danny has found a home away from home, and is very appreciative of Patrick for all his hard work and passion.   Danny loves BCT and the relationships he has found through the theatre, and hopes to be involved with it for years to come. 


David Turner (Sir Archibald Proops/Ensemble)is honored to be a part of Blank Canvas Theatre’s annual benefit.  He is no stranger to BCT, having appeared in Bathroom Humor, Hair, Silence! the Musical, Cabaret, and Equus.  When not on stage you can see him in the box office or behind the bar.  Many thanks to Patrick for his encouragement, coaching, and friendship over the years.  Congrats on following your dream!





Whitney Miller (Stage Manager) is a new addition to the Blank Canvas staff but is so ecstatic to be a part of the benefit this year. She has stage managed four shows so far for BCT (Children's Letters to Satan,Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Is this Entertainment?, and We Will Rock You). Patrick and the Blank Canvas family create a welcoming and incredibly fun place to work. She can't wait to see what other masterpieces this stage will hold.



Jenniver Sparano (Costumes) has been involved with Blank Canvas Theatre since the day that Patrick said, “I’ve just toured a space that would make a great theatre,” and continues to be amazed by what he has achieved since that day.   She has designed costumes for a variety of productions throughout BCT’s six-year history, including both shows that she dreamed of designing for years (Bat Boy: The Musical, 12 Angry Men, Glengarry Glen Ross, Chess) and shows that she could never have imagined in years (The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, Night of the Living Dead, Fissures of Men, Silence! The Musical).  This is her second collaboration with Luke Scattergood, following Side Show earlier this season.