Directed by Ann McEvoy

Sign Up: Email to sign up for one of the below dates and include your ideal date for auditioning.

Audition Date: Tuesday June 18th and Wednesday June 19th

Time: 7:00pm- 9:00pm

(ALL ACTORS are asked to arrive by 7pm. If you can not make it at 7pm, please inform us in your email) 

What to prepare: Readings will be from the script. No monologues required. A general familiarity with the play will be beneficial to your audition. A headshot and resume is appreciated. 

Performance Dates: August 23 -September 7th. Shows will be Thursday-Saturday. Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm. (Show will close on a Saturday night)

Rehearsals: Will begin July 29th and will be Sunday-Thursdays. Typically 7pm-10pm, though Sundays will be 6pm-10pm. This is only a FOUR week rehearsal period. 

Pay: Blank Canvas Theatre dedicates 20% of the net profit to the cast of each show. The cast splits this evenly.

*At this time, there are no Equity contracts available for this show. 

Audition Location:  

Blank Canvas Theatre                                 

1305 78th Street, Suite 211 (at 78th Street Studios)                                 

Cleveland, OH 44102                                

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The Story

What happens when emotions come in conflict with principles, and how do choices under pressure define who we really are? The lobby of a Manhattan apartment building is much more than a waiting area for four New Yorkers involved in a murder investigation. It’s a testing ground for what happens when personal and professional personas find themselves at odds. A young security guard with big ambitions clashes with his stern boss, an intense rookie cop and her unpredictable partner in a play from the 2017 Oscar-winning writer of Manchester by the Sea. 

Character Breakdown  

* The age range for each character is flexible and all ethnicities and body types will be considered. 




William: (African American Male, late 20s-40’s) Jeff's uniformed supervisor; a hard-working, ambitious, upstanding man with a strong moral code, he values discipline and self-improvement.

Dawn: (Female, 20s-30's) Bill's working-class, impressionable, rookie partner trying to navigate her way on a male-dominated force.

Jeff: (Male, late 20s-40's) A uniformed security guard; a glib, talkative, wisecracking slacker hoping to get his life together despite his history of underachievement.

Bill: (Male, 30’s-40's) A uniformed policeman; a self-assured and smoothly superior veteran, he makes his own rules.


 If you have any questions feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing you at auditions!