Roy Berko - Theatre Critic

"Hellcab is a thought provoking, sometimes humorous glimpse into life in a big city which exposes the foibles and lives of people who use a cab as their means of transportation. It's an evening of impressive performances and well worth seeing." 

"Blank Canvas, the area's newest professional theatre, has done it again. Will Kern's HELLCAB is the company's third production. It's another winner." 

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Kory On The Radio - Theatre Critic (WDOK)

"How the Hell (Cab) does Blank Canvas Theatre keep getting better? I don't know the answer to that question, but I am drinking the Blank Canvas Kool-Aid! HELLCAB is hilarious, well presented and moving!"

"You will laugh, you will cry, you will be disturbed and above all, you will be entertained."

"HELLCAB is short and easy to fit into a date night, don't miss out!"


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Christine Howey - Theatre Critic 

" should flag down HELLCAB at Blank Canvas Theatre before it's put up on blocks on May 20."

"...most of the fun comes from the cast that, under the spirited direction of Marc Moritz, manages to make these 2-3 minute mini-sketches into chuckle-worthy moments."


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Marjorie Preston - Theatre Critic 

"HELLCAB is a series of vignettes in the life of a beleaguered cabbie (Patrick Ciamacco) trying to be human while driving a Chicago cab at Christmastime.  Kern's fast-paced script delves into the most personal moments of Chicagoans when their guard is down.  The great comic timing in HELLCAB is a testament to both Marc Moritz's skillful directing and the talents of a stellar cast, including Ciamacco, who learned his role in less than 48 hours.  The show is poignant and funny, while it touches on all number of social issues from race, class and ethnicity to mental health and family troubles."