Sign Up: Email to sign up for auditions.

Audition Date: Sunday July 23

Time: 1:00- 4:00

(All actors are asked to arrive at 1pm. If you can not make it at 1pm, please inform us in your email) 

What to prepare: Readings will be from the script. Prior preparation is not required. A headshot and resume is appreciated. Click HERE to download auditions sides.

*Audition sides DO NOT need to be memorized. Copies will be provided at auditions. The link is just to help you be more comfortable in your audition. 

Performance Dates: September 14 - 16. Shows will be Thursday-Sunday. Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm. (Show will close on a Saturday night)

Rehearsals: Will possibly begin August 28th and will be Sunday-Thursdays. Typically 7pm-10pm, though Sundays will be a longer day based on conflicts. This is only a THREE week rehearsal period. 

Pay: Blank Canvas Theatre dedicates 20% of the net profit to the cast of each show. The cast splits this evenly.

*There are no Equity contracts available for this show. 

Audition Location:  

Blank Canvas Theatre                                 

1305 78th Street, Suite 211 (at 78th Street Studios)                                 

Cleveland, OH 44102                                

(Click here for directions or visit our website at


The Story

What do Mother Teresa, a bad driver, a man telling tall tales to his granddaughter, one missing golf ball, a brand new car, a hero running out of time, the misspellings of children and Satan himself have in common? They're all fodder for the not-quite-right mind of writer John Busser. These seven one act plays take you from Calcutta to Mexico, with side trips to golf courses, hospital waiting rooms, suburban homes, and car dealerships. Oh, he'll also take you to Hell and back for good measure. 

Character Breakdown     

We're looking for an ensemble cast of 10 versatile actors who can play both adults AND children. (Age is not a factor, although all children's roles WILL be played by adults) 

Roles include:

-A nun and a villager (1F, 1M)
-A suburban couple (1F, 1M)
-A grandfather, daughter and granddaughter (2F, 1M)
-4 Golfers (4M OR 4F)
-An aggressive car salesman (1M)
-A nervous customer (1M)
-A sexy saleswoman (1F)
-2 thugs (2M)
-A rightened former customer (1M)
-8 children of various ages from around the world (4F, 4M)
-A dashing American adventurer (1M)
-His millionaire English girlfriend (1F)
-A Mexican Army Captain (1M)
-An English Professor (1M)
-2 Mexican Army Corporals (2M)


CLICK HERE to download auditions sides.


 If you have any questions feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing you at auditions!