Directed by Patrick Ciamacco

Music Direction by Matt Dolan


If Interested: Email to sign up for one of the below dates and include your ideal date and time for auditioning. Otherwise we will just assign you the best available slot. We will do our best to accommodate you. No need to let us know which show you are auditioning for, that will be an option on your audition form when you arrive.

*If you can not make auditions please email us your headshot and resume for consideration. If possible submit a video audition for consideration.Also, if only submitting a video, let us know which show you are interested in. We do our best to see and consider additional people, but attending auditions is always ideal. 

Audition Date: Tuesday August 7th and Wednesday August 8th 

Time: 7:00pm-10:00pm (Time slots will be assigned every 5 minutes)

What to prepare:  Please prepare two contrasting 32 bars or short musical theatre songs in the style of either show. Please bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring a headshot and resume to auditions. Headshots and resumes are appreciated, but not required.  

Performance Dates: 

Cannibal! The Musical: October 5 - 27.

Avenue Q: December 7 - 22 

Shows will be Thursday-Sunday. Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm. Sunday performances will be at 7pm.  (Show will open on a Friday night and close on a Saturday night. There may be a midnight show for both shows)


 Cannibal! The Musical: Begin September 4th

Avenue Q: Begin November 5th

Rehearsals will be Sundays-Thursdays. Typically 7pm-10pm, though Sundays are usually 6pm-10pm. 

Pay: Blank Canvas Theatre dedicates 20% of the net profit to the cast of each show. The cast splits this evenly.

*At this time there are no AEA Contracts for this show. However we may explore the option if needed.


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Cleveland, OH 44102 

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The Stories

Cannibal! The Musical

From the co-creator of South Park and The Book of Mormon, comes the “All Singing! All Dancing! All Flesh Eating!” Trey Parkers’ Cannibal! The Musical live on stage.

Cannibal! The Musical is the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America - Alfred Packer. The sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory, he tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Pry as he awaits his execution. And his story goes like this: While searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory, he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors, including toe-tapping songs!

Avenue Q

The laugh-out-loud musical tells the timeless story of a recent college grad named Princeton, who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. He soon discovers that, although the residents seem nice, it's clear that this is not your ordinary neighborhood. Together, Princeton and his new-found friends struggle to find jobs, dates and their ever-elusive purpose in life.

Filled with gut-busting humor and a delightfully catchy score, not to mention puppets, Avenue Q is a truly unique show that has quickly become a favorite for audiences everywhere. Although the show addresses humorous adult issues, it is similar to a beloved children's show; a place where puppets are friends, Monsters are good and life lessons are learned.


Character Breakdowns    

* The age range for each character is flexible and ALL ethnicities and body types will be considered.

 A Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Racial cast of ALL ages, genders, sizes, and races are needed. The below character tracks may be changed or altered based on those that audition.


Alferd Packer:  (Male, 25-40. Tenor/Baritone) a dreamer who accidentally finds himself guiding a band of miners through the Rockies. He’s the charismatic romantic lead of the show; warm, friendly and at times heroic.

Shannon Wilson Bell: (Male, 20-60. Bass/Baritone) a miner/servant of God who is training to be a priest. He is the voice of the group and the path he always chooses is the path of the Lord. Unfortunately for Bell, the Lord works in mysterious ways and he finds himself having the worst of luck.

Frank Miller: (Male, 25-37. Baritone/Tenor) is the often angry, ill tempered member of the miners. He’s not interested in making friends or falling in love. He just wants to make the big score

James Humphrey: (Male, 18-40. Baritone) is the buffoon of the group. He’s a chronic liar. His ridiculous claims irritate and confuse his fellow miners, though quite often, he’s the voice of reason.

Israel Swan: (Male, 18-40. Baritone/Tenor) is the charming optimist of the group. He’s always there for a kind encouraging word and spins every negative into a positive.

George Noon : (Male, 19-30. Tenor) is the young buck of the group; a long suffering virgin. He’s naive, amorous and determined to “get tender with a lady”.

Frenchy Cabazon: (Male, 25-37. Baritone/Tenor) Frenchy Cabazon is the intimidating leader of the Trappers. He’s tough, mean and an all around bully with an outrageously horrible French accent.

O.D. Loutzenheiser/Cyclops/Dad/Judge : (Male, 19-45. Tenor)  is a member of the rough and grizzly Trappers, but also happens to be a flamboyant musical theatre triple threat.  The Cyclops is a one-eyed former confederate soldier, angrily roaming the Rockies with his pet sheep.

Preston Nutter/ Mr. Mills/Dad/Sheriffs: (Male, 26-40. Baritone/Tenor) Preston Nutter is the muscle and bad boy of the Trapper gang, who loves nothing more than snapping the neck of a poor helpless critter.  Mills is the prosecuting attorney, who’s out to convict Alferd. He’s a bit of a dandy, but slippery and cut throat. Has a thing for Polly Pry.

Polly Pry: (Female, 20-40. Mezzo Soprano) is a sly journalist who is looking to get the scoop on America’s first convicted cannibal. Soon, she begins to shed her hard exterior and falls for Alferd. Polly is passionate, cunning, and eventually, warm and loving.

Indian Chief: (Asian Male, 26-60. Baritone/Tenor) The Indian Chief is just that, an Indian Chief. Except that he’s Japanese.

Lianne: (Female, 18-50) Alferd's horse and best friend. A non-speaking role with some dancing.

Ensemble: (Male and Female, 18-50. All vocal ranges) We may be casting a very small ensemble to play various roles in the show.


A note on the “Indians”:  In the script, the Indians that Alfred Packer meets are actually obviously Japanese immigrants who are passing as Native Americans, and this is played upon heavily in their scenes together.  The “Indians” could be played by any ethnicity, as long as it’s different from that of the miners. However, we are strongly looking to cast Asian actors.



Princeton/ Rod: (Male, 20s-30’s. Tenor/Baritone) Princeton: He is sweet, charming, cute and sincere. He has recently moved to Avenue Q where he learns life lessons the hard way from puppets and humans alike. Loveable and appealing… Rod: A conservative, uptight investment banker who is a closeted homosexual. Trying to come to terms with his sexuality with the help of Nicky, his best friend and roommate.

Nicky/Trekkie Monster/Bad Idea Bear: (Male 20s - 40s.Tenor/Baritone) Nicky: An unemployed, cute twenty-something slacker who is Rod’s roommate. Charming and undeniably cute, he has no problems with Rod being gay. Trekkie Monster: He lives on Avenue Q in the same building that Princeton moves into. An odd monster who has a big heart, he invested in the internet and is secretly a millionaire. Bear: A cute and charming little boy bear who, with the help of his counterpart, girl bear, is a very bad influence on Princeton.

Kate Monster/ Lucy T. Slut: (Female 20s-30’s Mezzo-Soprano) Kate Monster: A Kindergarten teaching assistant who dreams about eventually opening a school for monsters. She may look sweet, put together and conservative, but has a very feisty and opinionated Monster side. She quickly falls for the new guy on the block, Princeton. Lucy T. Slut: A vixenish vamp with a dangerous side who sings at a local café. The star of "girls gone wild" parts two, five, and seven. She sees other women as obstacles to men.

Mrs. T / Bad Idea Bear/ Ensemble: (Female 20s – 50s. Mezzo-Soprano) Mrs. T: An old spinster teacher who is bitter and conservative. She is Kate Monster's boss. Bad Idea Bear: A cute and charming little girl bear who, with the help of her counterpart, boy bear, is a very bad influence on Princeton.

Christmas Eve: (Asian Female 20s - 40s. Mezzo-Soprano)She wants to be a therapist and lives on Avenue Q with her Jewish husband Brian. She is smart, blunt and edgy, but also nurturing and kind.

Brian: (Male, 20s – 40s. Baritone) A chubby, laid-back, wannabe comedian who doesn’t mind being unemployed. A good guy with a relaxed attitude who everyone always likes. Easy to be around. He is married to Christmas Eve, who is constantly badgering him to get a job.

Gary Coleman: (African American Female, Mid 20s - 40s. Alto) Former celebrity and now lives/works on Avenue Q. Funny and sardonic, with a unique and vivid presence.

Ensemble: (Male and Female, 18-60. All vocal ranges) There may be a small ensemble that covers some above roles or assists with some puppetry throughout the show.


 If you have any questions feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing you at auditions!